The Road to 1.0

April 10, 2016

So in a short while, the folks at Chucklefish will be releasing Starbound 1.0. I know we are all super excited to see what comes next. So what does 1.0 mean for us here at SBReddit?

To 1.0 and Beyond!

Well, most importantly, it means that we are going to do a server wipe.

Don’t groan. I know you all remember the bad-old-days when we had to look forward to server wipes far more often, and we felt all of our creative energies were being wasted… more-over, we are all reasonably certain that a wipe isn’t officially necessary… BUT

I’m doing the wipe because our current server has grown to massive levels over data usage. For those who care, our universe file is currently on the order of 17GB in size, half of which is in one file, the universe.chunks file. Every time a person goes to a new section of the unexplored universe, all those planets that appear before you all have to get stored away somewhere, to make reloading that section of the universe faster… that is what this file is. Now, compound all those travels with our sizable userbase and many many months of travel, and it makes sense why we’re consuming so much data.

So, in order to facilitate a happy new beginning for the server and all of us, the plan is to wipe everything as start fresh… ALMOST.


Yes, almost.

If you have a world you’ve been working on, putting in hours of your life developing, and making awesome, and you want us to try and carry it with us over to 1.0, then let me know! Even if you’re not on much now, but still want to see your work carried forward, drop me a line so it can be added into the backups system. You heard right, backups. I wrote some code for our server a number of months back to make backing up planets SUPER easy. So you should totally help me make use of it!

I will keep the old universe around for a short while once we upgrade to 1.0, but not indefinitely. Thus, it is in your best interest to make sure it gets marked for backups ASAP.

OK, I get it. So how should I contact you?

I’m always lurking in the IRC channel, so try hitting me up there. If I don’t seem to be around, or available, you’re also welcome to send me a message on my Reddit account. Worst case scenario, send me an email at my username

Anything else we should be aware of?

Running servers costs money. We’ve been relatively lucky for the past number of months to have a friend of ours hosting our server for free. While I definitely can’t complain about this arrangement, it isn’t right.

Thus, we’ll be taking donations again to help pay for the costs of the server and the domain name. Since our long-time treasurer Pluto (aka Harn Coda) is no longer handling these things, I will start handling the finances from here on out. Once I get my account setup, I’ll be adding donation links to this page, and updating those on the subreddit.

See you at 1.0 space cowboy

  • kharidiron